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Pasta Ingredients
La Molisana Penne Rigate

In the region of Molise, virgin and naturally wild, offering an enchanting landscape, La Molisana enjoys a pleasantly harsh climate and the rare privilege of pure and thin air, typical of the hilly Apennines. 


A region of molini (mills), pastifici and "maccaronari" (pasta manufactures) and a promise of quality, La Molisana is an ambassador of the world, offering to the market a pasta that is the result of an integrated value chain (from the mill to distribution). 


La Molisana is dedicated to more than 100 types of pasta, divided into different product families. Among them, the family of classic pastas (Le Classiche), which includes Penne Rigate N°20, a timeless pasta from the Pasta Manufacture that keeps the promise of taste, cooking reliability and toughness in our daily cooking.

La Molisana Penne Rigate

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