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Pasta Ingredients
La Molisana Mezzi Rigatoni

Semolina, like wheat, is made up of Carbohydrates and Proteins. The former are represented by starch, the latter mainly by gluten and for the remainder by minor but equally important proteins. The proteins of La Molisana pasta are characterized by: • high content, never less than 14% compared to the legal minimum of 10.5% • high toughness

Two essential aspects that define quality pasta and make La Molisana a special pasta, like our Mezzi rigatoni 32, a top seller format . They have a perfect shape, an important thickness and an incredible roughness thanks to the bronze drawing . We like to enhance them in a thousand recipes, from the simplest to the most refined.

From the Mezzi rigatoni with cheese and pepper or timeless gricia , to the half rigatoni alla boscaiola ; a great classic and an easy and quick recipe to prepare, where the quality of the raw material makes the difference. Finally, a delicious proposal with cardoncelli mushrooms cut into strips, sautéed and scented with fresh thyme, to which add the pasta cooked al dente. All to be completed with slices of Molise truffle , a generous sprinkling of pecorino romano and a whirlwind of grated black pepper! You can already smell the scent!

La Molisana Mezzi Rigatoni

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