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Pasta Ingredients
La Molisana Bronze Spaghetti N°15

The Spaghetti 15 of La Molisana are rigorously rough, due to the bronze drawing , ready to be able to perfectly absorb all the sauces and above all so tenacious that they practically never overcook; all this thanks to the protein content of 14.5%.

From the best durum wheat we obtain a tasty pasta that passes with flying colors even the most severe test: the salt and water test . The pasta is cooked with a pinch of salt and tasted the true essence of the product with a single drop of pure extra virgin olive oil .

Present in almost all ranges, Spaghetti 15 La Molisana are liked for their delicious consistency: an incredible mix of balanced shapes, perfect drying and bronze drawing, which making the surface wrinkled, creates the conditions for a perfect adherence of the condiments. .

Try the delicious recipe with a typical product of our land; a red wine from a native vine, Tintilia , which dyes spaghetti red and makes them perfect for a romantic dinner.

La Molisana Bronze Spaghetti N°15

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